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It is now just a Traffic Exchange Site
We lost our payment processor so NO MORE WITHDRAWAL OPTION
This PTC Site is CLOSED!!!, But leave open as Traffic Exchange
We are just consuming the WebHosting Subscription till 2017!!!
You view 1 Ads of and get 100 Ads credit or 2500 banner impression
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Our Members:
We dont have withdrawal option, just view ads for you to gain points to post your own ads!
  • Earn $0.1 per click
  • $0.1 equivalent to 100 Ads
  • Traffic Exchange 1:100
  • Till website subscription in 2017
  • This PTC site is CLOSED!!!
Our Advertisers:
This is just a Traffic Exchange Site.
  • Just a 1:100 Ads Traffic Exchange
  • Guaranteed Unique View
  • Detailed statistics
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Open till WebHosting Expires
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Traffic Exchange 1:100 (View 1 ads and earn $0.1 for 100 ads. Use our site for Free….